Sunday, May 27, 2007

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Rosie seen here with Elizabeth

As you know I’ve got connections out the ass. I can call just about everyone. Tom Cruise, Eli, Barbaro. I thought I’d reach out to Rosie O’Donnell to see how she’s making out after the flap with Elizabeth Hasselback. In case you didn’t know, the two had quite the verbal tussle on the show this week, after Elizabeth took umbrage at RO’s insinuating that US soldiers are the “real terrorists.” Here’s the transcript of the call.

PK: Hi Rosie, care to comment on your little dust-up with Elizabeth Hasselback?

RO: Oink…er….I’m no, not really, that skinny little bitch is the real terrorist.

PK: Um, I kinda thought she was just a cutesy girl that got some pub from being on Survivor. No?

RO: Survivor! Pffft. Mark Burnett. Terrorist. Don’t even get me started on Probst.

PK: Right. What’s this doing to your relationship with Baba Wawa?

RO: The First Lady Of Journalism? You know what she is…

PK: The real terrorist.

RO: Bingo, sweetiepie. Old-wrinkled-up-marbles-in-the-mouth T-to the errorist!

PK: Totally sensing a trend here. Trump really seems to have a new shtick now. You know just sitting back there firing shots across everyone’s bow. He even called Elizabeth cute but really stupid.

RO: Terr. Or. Ist! As a matter of fact. You’ve got terrorist written all over your face. Me thinks you are, uh, let me see…..yep that’s it…Terrorist.

PK: Alrighty, Rosie. We’ll call it day.

RO: Can’t take it, huh? Terry the Terrorist? Where you going sissy? If you can’t take the car bomb get out of the car. Give me a T, Give me an E, Give me a Double R…. Click

PK peacefully out.


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