Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dallas is the Worst Team in the NBA......Seriously

Well the first round of the Western Conference Finals is tonight and just like I predicted, Golden State won only one more game. How is that possible after beating the best team in the NBA......or were they? I hate to admit it, but it's true. I was doing some research and I stumbled across a little information that I am going to put to use in the NBA. IF A=B & B=C, then A=C. Sounds fair enough. Don't contradict the laws of math. Let me explain.
-First, I will not count teams twice. This is because alot of teams could beat Denver and it wouldn't be fair.
-Second, a team must beat a team better than themselves.
-Third, I want comments but I actually don't care what you have to say. I am right.

Beat Dallas Other
Phoenix 3/14, 4/1
San Antonio 2-Nov
Detroit 7-Dec
Houston 4-Nov
Utah 12/11, 4/13
beat POR on 11/15 - POR over UTA
Chicago 25-Jan
beat PHI on 11/8 - PHI over PHO
Denver 6-Apr
beat NJ on 11/3 - NJ over MIL - MIL over DET
Golden State 11/6, 3/12, 4/17
L.A. Lakers 7-Jan
New Jersey
beat MIL on 11/15 - MIL over DET
Washington 4-Dec
L.A. Clippers 8-Nov
beat SEA on 11/8 - SEA over LAL
New Orleans
beat BOS on 11/1 - BOS over Hou
beat NY on 11/4 - NY over GS
beat PHO on 2/28
beat WAS on 4/3
New York
beat GS on 3/2
beat SA on 1/3
beat CHI on 11/3
beat UTA on 2/20
beat LAL on 11/5
beat LAC on 1/6
beat DET on 11/1
beat HOU on 2/26
beat DEN on 11/28

You see? I am a genius and by my calculations Dallas should have been 2-80 this year; by far the worst record in NBA history. Why the 2 wins you ask? Well there is the possibility of them pulling out a last second win in either Boston or Memphis here and there so I gave them a couple of wins just to be fair.

Dirk POONwitski

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