Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tara Connor sorry, busy

Extremely hot and very much embattled Miss USA Tara Connor told Today Show’s Matt Lauer that she “was” not only a drinker and a Miss Teen USA maker outer, but she’s tried coke and “other stuff.” We assume that by other stuff she meant parlay cards and office confidence pools.

Our Down and Distant staff took a breather from trying to improve upon “
The Stranger” to call Miss Connor’s to get her thoughts on the Super Bowl, and maybe even a prediction for the game. Turns out the Tara is very busy with all the interviews, appearances and the denying she’ll ever take her clothes off for Playboy, to take our call. So one of Tara Connor’s people answered for her in what appears to be a form lettertaranote3Thoughtful. Thanks Tara. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll continue to think that you’ll be watching the game from Score’s doing shots of Absinthe out of Miss Teen USA Katie Blair’s belly button. But that’s just me.

For your viewing enjoyment, Miss Connor’s swimsuit portion of the competition.

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