Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Hate Lou Holtz

Lou Fucking Holtz is the biggest fraud to be perpetuated on college football. Shame on ESPN for putting this cheating fake on the air. I’m sick of his squirrely little mug, his goofy toupee, and his fake “aw-shucks” demeanor, delivered with a lisp reminiscent of Ron Howard from his homo-erotic turn as Andy’s son in Mayberry.

Why do I hate “Saint Lou” so. Let me give you four reasons. Arkansas. Notre Dame. Minnesota. Notre Dame. What do these four schools have in common? They all ended up on probation for violations that occurred when Lou was the coach there. And the biggest coincidence? Saint Lou didn’t know about any of it! What a lying douche bag. What I can’t understand is how he has gotten a pass on this from the mainstream media. Bill Belicheck tapes defensive signals, and people react like he lived next door to movie starts and invited Charles Manson over to dinner. Yet Lou gets four—count ‘em—four schools placed on probation, quits, writes a book, gets a tv deal, and lisps his way through his “pep talk” segment. Fucking douche. For a great read on the subject, Click here.

In the meantime, fuck Lou and the miniature pony the sawed off runt rode in on.
HC Out.


Anonymous said...

I hate lou holtz too...he hasn't given my number 1 missouri tigers ANY cred all season long, and here he is again betting on us to lose...

i wish him death


Anonymous said...

I fucking despise that little cunt. I think it's obvious his colleagues on the panel can't stand him either. How many horrible picks could one dipshit make all season. And his hate for the SEC... "I just hope this is even a game worth watching when Ohio State stomps LSU". Ha! Fag!

Anonymous said...

Does he wear a toupee or doesn't he? My husband says no way. I say absolutely no doubt.

Anonymous said...

In 2009 i walked into a bar in Conn and Holtz and Mark May were having dinner,i heard Lou tell the waiter'no thanks on the dessert'i'm gonna have a choclate dick when we get back to the room