Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Colorado: More Than Just Kobe and Columbine

Some states end up getting their names in the papers for all the wrong reasons. In my mind Colorado is one of them. Skiing? Sure. Lloyd Christmas looking for Mary Samsonite Swanson in “Asspin, CO I remember that. Kobe laying pipe on some white bitch that had multiple jizz stains in her underoos? Ah, that’s the ticket!

Maybe I am in a small percentage of people that are like that. I remember the most screwed up things about random states. I should remember Kordell Stewart chunking the leather-wrapped watermelon 64 yards to Michael Westbrook to squeak past Michigan. Or should I remember John “I can throw a baseball from home plate over the left field fence” Elway finally getting over the hump and winning back-to-back Super Bowls.

What about when the Denver Nuggets…………changed their logo? Hmmm…that’s a tough one. Considering that they have retired 5 numbers in their history which are…

Alex English (2)

David Thompson (33)

Byron Beck (40)

Dan Issel (44)

Doug Moe (432)

No, I’m not drunk. He had #432 retired. Ok, I might be drunk. It is after 4 here. The reason he had 432 retired is because it is the number of regular season wins he had in Denver. I’m not trying to bag on AE or anything, but Denver is just begging for someone to come in there and do something for God’s sake.

I will say that the Rockies are still somewhat new so I can’t say too much bad stuff about them. They did have an all-star game there and who can resist Andres Galarraga? Hockey up there is kind of a given since they live in snow all year. (That’s what we think at least in Texas. Hey, you think we all ride horses and shit so shut it.)

Give Colorado a chance. Don’t just remember South Park or Pete Coors. Open yourself up to new sports horizons from our little box of the west.




Anonymous said...

i think the Rockies have been awhile a LONG LONG time. I mean, a whole mountain range???

poon81 said...

Dear Anonymous,
I would like to penis slap you for that. 8=====>