Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blogging staple: A list of things

In the interest of making our blog more closely resemble men's soft-soft-core porn magazines, we at down and distant (yes, morons, that is the correct capitalization) present our version of overrated/underrated.

down and distant -- Very Clearly UNDERRATED

Soft-Soft Core Porn -- OVERRATED


Losing NCAA Title Games to Florida -- OVERRATED

A Good Handjob -- UNDERRATED

A Bad Blowjob -- **trick question - there is no such thing as a bad blowjob

YouTube.com -- Rated correctly

LNSEMSF website (look it up assholes) -- UNDERRATED

"The Man With Two Brains" -- UNDERRATED

"Deep Throat" -- OVERRATED


Buckeye Savant You're kidding, right? -- OVERRATED

Booger Eating -- Most of the time OVERRATED…sometimes, however, when, as Mr. Hand suggested, you "get a good one…" oh - never mind)

Salad Tossing -- Wait a minute - cancel Christmas!!! You talking with syrup or jelly?


Brittney's Underwear -- UNDERRATED - in fact, we'd like to see more of it!

Editors Note: since the mildly retarded, but bundle of fun Savant got us started go ahead and add to this list in the comments.


moose knuckles said...

Being the first commenter: Underrated.

Not Commenting: OVERRATED!

The Penalty Kill said...

Just a point of order. Do you actually want to see more of Brit's drawers because that's hot? or is it because she needs to cover up the poonanny because it's kinda nasty?

poon4life said...

A traffic jam when you're already late - OVERRATED

A "No Smoking" sign on your cigarette break - UNDERRATED

10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife - UNDERRATED

Meeting the man of my dream, and then meeting his beautiful wife - OVERRATED

Quoting Alanis Morrisette - GHEY

cfg said...

Is there such thing as a bad happy ending? Please discuss.