Saturday, May 26, 2007

You Poor Rich Bastards

As most of you have realized, I was pretty hammered when the last post was created. In my mind I knew what I was talking about and I think I had the right idea, just didn't get to the point correctly. At least I came home and blogged instead of eating $10 worth of fast food and miserably fail at a drunk candlelit masturbation session.........well at least I blogged afterwards.

Since we here at global headquarters are up on the newest happenings, I hear they had some sort of lottery in the NBA this week. Now we wait to see which shitty team has the honor of over-paying some 18 year old kid in the hopes that he can be worth a crap to them in a few years. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Michael Olowokandi and Sam Bowie (2 biggest draft day busts), but really it's the biggest crapshoot there is. I know that we have some good talent coming out this year in the form of Durant and Oden, but when it comes down to it they could be schooled by some 3rd round kid that actually stayed 4 years in college and fine tuned his game.

I'm looking forward to the draft and will be on here giving an update if my liver is cooperating with me. Hope all have a great Memorial Day weekend and make sure to pay Jesus a visit tomorrow so that he will watch over you on Monday. If for some reason you are like me and don't do the church thing, here is my favorite rendition of "O-Mazing Grace."




The Penalty Kill said...

Your tags said, "Basketball Draft Jesus" He's got point guard quickness with monster power forward hops. Take him high!

PooN'ZiLLa said...

Funny, because I always thought all black people could sing.