Friday, May 4, 2007


I am in no mood today to do any work. After the collapse of the Mavericks last night and the never ending Jager Bombs, I feel like microwaved dog shit. Not the good kind that you get from Kroger, the bad stuff that comes from the clearance aisle at Costco. The one thing that I will say now is that Golden Shower State will not win more than one more game. That is going to piss me off even worse. Why is there a Taco Bell bag in the middle of my living room? Oh well. To help everyone get over last night, here's Robocop.



The Penalty Kill said...

Ahhh, Robocop always soothes the troubled mind. Kinda like a hand full of Valium and a 1/2 bottle of Everclear.

PooN'ZiLLa said...

I too have sequestered myself from the outside world after the demise of the Mavs this season. But getting to see old school Sting reminded me that there is more to life.