Thursday, May 10, 2007

Traveling Woes

Well my fine followers, I am back in the saddle. Just to keep you updated, right now I am typing this at McCarren Airport in beautiful Lost Wages, NV. I will probably not post this until I get back in town and talk myself out of suicide, but I did want to get on here while I am waiting the last 2 hours on my flight. In all honesty, it was a good trip. Like usual the craps tables were doing good for me and the strippers somehow realized that. On Tuesday (from what I'm told because I was pretty much a walking blackout when this was going on) I was at the tables in Excalibur from about 7pm until about 1am and came out about $300 ahead. In that time my fellow travelers went drinking, played UNO in our room, played blackjack and then finally called me to see where I was.
After a bottle of vodka earlier and about 18 Heinkenen later, I finally left the table to go with them and enjoy a nice pleasant night at the Speariment Rhino. Boy was it fun! By fun I mean that I don't remember being there except for the fact that I ran out of the money I had on me and went to the ATM twice for an amout of money that I would rather not disclose. What happened you ask? Well that part is kind of sketchy also. I remember being in a dark room with a French whore where I bought 2 bottles of VOSS water ($12 a bottle) and for some reason for the last 2 days I noticed that the area just above my junk is bruised. Don't ask me how or why because I don't remember. No sex took place I know that much because I have the same 4 STD's that I left Dallas with.
The people that I see in person will get alot more info about the goings on there. I will just give you a few bullet points.
-4 days of non-stop diahrrea
-3 hour trip to find some place that served lunch before noon
-Whore's photos covering the walls and pictures in the room
-1 room + 4 males = ?????
-Was it lemonade or pee?
-Found Barbaro's new job
So take it from me. Party long and often in Vegas, but just say NO to French whores.....well at least say maybe.



Clay said...

haha, good times

The Penalty Kill said...

I know you made time for a little Churchin'. You need it.

PooN'ZiLLa said...

umm...why is Sponge Bob staring at your tits?