Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'll get to the bottom of this

Shocked and appalled doesn’t adequately describe my reaction when I found this taped on the ridiculously expensive and ornate beveled-edged mirror in the Executive Washroom of the Down and Distant World Headquarters.

I’m not exactly sure who the culprit is, but I’ve got my suspicions. I started thinking it was PorkChop but the penmanship is too, how do I say it, “non-West Virgina”. Hairy would be a likely suspect, because he’s always been jealous of my Basketball Pickery Skills, but I think he’s been out of town. Poon is still reeling from Duke’s early exit from the tournament and subsequent dropping of their B-ball program instead instituting a Co-ed taint-tickling squad. So it must have been that bitch Midge from Accounting. She’s never been right since I spurned her advances at last year’s Christmas party. Anyway, it seems like a good time to talk about my picks for the final four from last week.

I really didn’t do too badly. I correctly picked the outcome of 6 of the 8 games in the Sweet 16 and hit .750 in the great wonderful elite 8. The OSU/Tennessee game (I picked a blow out by tOSU) was a nail biter to the Nth degree with an amazing outcome. Ohio State down by 20 near half came back to win by one.

Here’s what I have for the Final Four:

I thought that Ohio State would lose to Georgetown all the way up to last night. Now I think differently. I love that OSU is a 1 point dog, even though they are a higher seed than G’Town. A really long season ending winning streak sullied by a 3rd number 1 seeding. Just because they had some close games lately makes them look vunerable. Still I think this is no reason for them to be dissed. I’m taking my Buckeyes to win this whole f-ing thing.

Monkey faced ass-baron Joekim Noah, will unfortunately beat UCLA so that Ohio State can avenge the Disaster in the Desert.

I’ll check in on Monday to gloat and/or amend my picks as necessary.

PK out.

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poon4life said...

How did Midge get in the executive shitter? I'll have a stern talk with her come Monday. By the way, my stall is out of the Bill Walton toilet paper so remind me to get one of those pee-on interns to get me some more.