Thursday, March 22, 2007

Uh, Mr. Crockett...Where'd all the Mexicans come from.

On my way to the airport to jet off to San Antonio with the lovely and talented Mrs. PK to look for Pee Wee’s bicycle. And to watch the Buckeyes take the Tennessee College Inbreds to the wood shed. I thought I’d better at least get my picks in for the Sweet 16 and Great Elite 8. I’ll reseed and/or gloat after the weekend and prognosticate all over your ass about the Final Four.

The aforementioned Buckeyes with AARP Spokesperson Greg Oden and the boys will advance to the Final for after a fairly easy win over the Vols and the Aggies after they win an overtime squeaker over the Memphis Whatevers.

The other regions about which I don’t give a tinker's damn:
Kansas over Pitt to advance to the FF
Florida over Oregon and
Georgetown upsets the Tar Heals.

I’m completely bailing on trying to say anything funny about this as I’m literally walking out the door to the airport, and because I’m the one writing and it’s what I want to do. Sue me. I’ll do what I can to report from the Alamo City. No promises. I recommend badgering the Poon, Savant and the boys for some content.

PK out.

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poon81 said...

Have fun in Little Mexico PK. Make sure that you do a dramatic reenactment of when we finally overtook the Mexicans by distracting them with new housing developments and promises of selling chicklets to us when we cross the border to watch doneky shows and snort coke off of dead hookers. Man that was a fun weekend. GO BUCKS!!!