Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Giant Faceful of Basketball Pickery – Pre 16 update.

As you have read we split up the bracket between the douches our esteemed contributors. This is a breakdown of how each of them did. Worst to first. Or as we like to say in Texas. Poon to Best. I have to take my shots now because I’ll have some one else recap my picks for rest. Which, based on my history with brackets, will not be pretty.

Poon is not being courted by ESPN as a hoops analyst – Shocking that a champion chaser Duke fan picked the Blue Devils to advance to the final four in our little tournament hand job picking fest. Poor poor Poon. He got more wrong than right in his bracket. I’m not being too hard on him though, he was drinking when he filled out his bracket. You’ll get those pricks next year Pooni San. (Poon is convinced that the Dukies will rise from the losers bracket to win the championship of this double elimination tourney. Ummmmm.)

Remaining teams – Zilch.

While driving to the local highway rest stop in search of a glory hole not being used, PorkChop needed to put his car's convertible roof down to make room for his swelled ego. You see, PC picked every game in the first round correctly. Granted, there was nary an upset in the South, he could have had his stepson take a break from nailing Miss Michigan in the face to make picks for him and done as well. But he’s the first round winner. He stumbled in the 2nd round.

Remaining teams – Ohio State & Tennessee.

Hairy Carey was right behind Pork in the first round. His only foible was picking former Buckeye and Olympic Asshole Champion R. M. Knight’s Red Raiders to advance. They didn’t.

Remaining teams – UNC, Vandy and Georgetown

Don’t let the demented far-away stare and the dried drool on his shirt fool you, Buckeye Savant is a clear winner. After missing on a couple in the first round Savant correctly picked every other game he had to. Including the Running Rebs over Wishconsin. Congrats to you Savant – now please stop monkeying with your privates under your desk while the intern isn’t looking.

Remaining teams – Florida, Maryland, Oregon and UNLV

More picking from PK later.


poon81 said...

I'm not really worried. After seeing how Clemson played last night, I think Duke will beat them in the NIT Championship and then go on to win the NCAA Tourney with the "NIT winner's bye to the championship game" clause. Besides, if they don't I'll just buy a t-shirt and hat of the team that does win and I'll pick them to go all the way next year.

Anonymous said...

Slow down poon. Syracuse is now in the NIT losers' bracket and will meet up with Plano West Senior High (the rich ones) with the winner meeting the Washington Generals. The winner of that game plays Puke for the right to make the Final Four. Go 'Cuse.

Anonymous said...


poon81 said...

So what you're saying is that I need to buy a Plano West t-shirt and hat.