Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bonds: Healthy, Ready and PUMPED

"Beleagured slugger Barry Bonds upon his arrival at Spring Training 2007"

Baseball season is upon us, and all is right with the world. That is, unless, you believe the liberal, east coast media who would like you to believe that Barry Bonds, the best major leaguer in the past 100 years, is a cheat. What the hell ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? One simple glance at the above photo vindicates Bonds, but do you see the liberal whack jobs running this picture of an obviously trimmed down Bonds reporting for spring training just last month? Of course not. Bastards.

On a more positive note, the Chicago Cubs, with new manager "Sweet Lou" Piniella, have the hitters to make a run in the National League. Unfortunately, Prior and Wood rode into camp on the short yellow bus and as go those two chuckleheads, so go the Cubs. Keep the faith, Cubbie fans--next year is the 100th anniversary of the 1908 World Champion Chicago Cubs, the last Cubs team to win the World Series. Look for the Cubs to make things interesting this year, and then to bring the baseball world to its collective knees in 2008 with the most sentimental of seasons.

It's a beautiful day--let's play two!

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