Monday, April 9, 2007


Everything that we report here on D&D is 100% true. From the hummer I got from Jason White to my talk with Hellen Keller to me finding out 25 years into life that I am left-handed. We pride ourselves in this and I like to think that all other professional million plus dollar a year writers do the same. Well, I stumbled across an article the other day that really bothered me. Why didn't I write about it sooner? Well, honestly, I have been on quite a drinking binge for the past few days and I couldn't compose myself for long enough to masturbate much less write.

In my journeys I have come to see that there are many pure things in this world. A father and son at their first baseball game together, waking up early to go fishing with no cell phone or blackberry, a first kiss you have when you know that you are meant for that person. Side by side with those are the purity I feel about porn stars. Hard-working women that are just normal next door girls. Nothing fake or untrue about it. What this a-hole was reporting is that all-natural porn star Jenna Jameson had a vaginoplasty gone bad. Seems that she lost between 40-60 pounds from the procedure. I've seen some of her documentaries like "The Masseuse" and "The Passion of the Christies" and have not seen anything that would imply that she needed a little meat chopped off. For shame to this person for writing false information.

Well, PK is coming back in town this week and boy will he be impressed that we have fired that whore bitch from accounting. Serves her right for not praising our every steps like the rest of the minions. Since I am going through detox this week I should be able to put a few more posts up here. Hold on.

PK is at the bar gotta go.



The Penalty Kill said...

mmmmmmm, roast beef sandwich. Vaginoplasty is a little cumbersome, I prefer to use Meat Curtain Alterations.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna doing detox?!? That provided a good little chuckle