Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh How I Love Thee......

Did I need more material another reason to love Shyamali Malakar? Probably not. What does she have going for her? Well, she has a big forehead and even bigger titties to start. Not only this, but she is very into her family. Today I was informed by sources that shall remain nameless *cough*homelessguyonthecornerthatgavemea$6handjob*cough* that she was watching her mother's 310 marijuana plants and calmly smoking a joint when her house got busted. Here, I will retype that so your lazy ass doesn't have to go back and re-read it. 310 marijuana plants. There is supposedly a mugshot out there, but since she is 17 (material) then it cannot be released even to mega multi-million dollar entertainment moguls like myself.
Her mother got 30 days in the can for this. Honestly, pretty easy for 310 marijuana plants! If you are wondering where this information came from.......well, it was from 2005. This was apparently just leaked and there is a big stir about it. I don't care. You don't care. But you just keep bitching "Why don't you guys post something?" "Why has it been so long since you posted?" "Why do you cry for 30 minutes after you masturbate?" Well, we are back on the scene. That's why. Breaking news and sports updates regularly. Welcome back.

"Do you have change for a $10?"

"My wrist smells like dog's dick."

"Shit. Just keep the rest for the Angry Dragon."



The Penalty Kill said...

Do you cry FOR 30 minutes or do you cry 30 minutes after? Either way that's normal, isn't it? Please say yes.

PooN'ZiLLa said...

Generally, I fall asleep for 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

the computer I'm on won't let me click the link for Angry Dragon. Darn that protection software that prohibits looking at violent or pornographic material!!!