Saturday, January 20, 2007

Giving a city something to lift their spirits.

I don’t have a rooting interest in either of tomorrows NFL playoff games I find reasons to root for someone. Britney pictured herewith is reason enough to root for the Saints. (I’m also putting her picture on here as an internet-peter slap to Poon for not posting his last entry here, she’s from New Orleans by the way. Take that Poonie Longstockings)

I’m not buying in to the Post-Flood guilt that I’m supposed to. Gee I’m really sorry that your crap hole city was wracked by a epic flood that made everyone move. The place was a dump before, but at least the crime was not as bad as it is now. Now you are just as likely to get decapitated there as you are in Baghdad. So, I’m sorry for your shit, but it isn’t enough to get me to cheer for your football team. Oh by the way, attention to every news/sportscaster in the lower 48, STOP IT. I know the city was ravaged; I’m tired of hearing about. Callous? Maybe. Care? Not.

It is also not because your team has a dismal to nonexistent playoff history. Suck it. Talk to the Browns fans. They’ve sucked too.

As for Da Bears, the only allure they’ve ever held for me is the SuperFans and wishing for failure for Jim McMahon has ever done.
So the Saints it is. Thank you to Britney for bringing this all into focus and giving us all a Saturday morning reason to ease our drawers down. As if…

Later: Who do I hate more Peyton Manning or Tom “I’m a super-hunky, super-model dating, former Michigan QB douche” Brady? Screw him, Go Colts.

Weekend. Beers. Now.

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Yeah - I'd make out with her!