Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nancy Pelosi has something in her eye

Like every good American I watched the State of the Union address last night. And like every good American I watched it at a bar with the sound turned down and the Hockey Skills challenge on the other TVs. Please don’t salute me I’m merely doing my civic duty.

My fellow patriots in attendance and I noticed something in Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She was blinking like her eyes were trying to escape from her head. Perhaps she was blinking out Morse code….Man this tool-bag is such a moron I’d love to reach up there and flick his ears.” We counted several times and she was blinking at such a high rate that she was sometimes 30 to Cheney’s one.

UPDATE: Alert DaD reader "Bakes" took time away from searching the web for naked pictures of Madam Speaker to let us know that CNN is reporting that Pelosi was blinking at a rate of 85/bpm.

Just a little sports story I wanted to share with you.

Later this week we send out search parties for Buffer and Savant. Maybe we can get their lazy asses to post herein. How bout a little something on the Bears, JB? Losers.

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poon81 said...

Mini seizures? Maybe her and ol Dick had a side bet going like on Super Troopers with "Meow"