Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nothing Ever Lasts in Sports

As I watched Peyton Manning FINALLY lead his Colts to the Super Bowl last night, I was reminded of Tom Petty's song "Even the Losers" because it seems, unlike me in college, every team gets lucky sometimes (patience Cleveland fans, patience). Conversely, sustained excellence is also very, very difficult to find these days. In recent memory, lots of perennial losers (or at least non-champions) have had their day in the sun. The Northwestern Wildcats in the 96 Rose Bowl? The other "worst" college football teams EVER - Kansas State and Rutgers - starts winning? The Saints in the NFC Championship Game? The Boston Red Sox come from 3 games down against the Yankees to win the ALCS and, subsequently, the World Series? Notre Dame ALMOST beats USC? It's utter madness…which, it bears mentioning, is very different from "Udder Madness" which was one of the more regrettable in-room movie purchases I made at The Red Roof Inn in Madison, Wisconsin in 2002. Mid-way through the second viewing, I knew it was the worst $12.99 - er, I mean $25.98 mistake of my post-pubescent life.

But I digress.

The Colts victory was especially ironic because while Peyton finally got over the hump, the same game may have finally pushed Michigan Man Tom Brady and his (androgynous?) Pats to the back-burner. What a good run the Pats have had - one of the best ever, probably. But the Pats and their fans found out that hard way that while New England's run lasted much longer than the flavor from a stick of Fruit Stripe gum, it may be over for a while.

Super Early BS Super Bowl Prediction: Shufflin' Crew 28 - Horseshoes 27

Sorry Peyton, but nothing ever lasts.

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The Penalty Kill said...

Udder Madness - That made me shoot milk out of my nose.