Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's a brand new day

As the venerable William Shakespeare once said, “Let’s kick this bitch in the grill and start a new blizog. Beeeeeaaaaatttttch.” Pretty sure it was him, but it could’ve been Boutros Boutros-Ghali. Anyway, welcome to Down and Distant. We’ve gathered together some funny dudes and me to try to take a run at the real greats in the business, such as With Leather, Kissing Suzy, Ebay and comic books. It’s ambitious to be sure. So let’s call it an experiment. That way, if it fails we can say we weren’t ever really committed to it, delete it from the blogosphere and deny that it ever existed.

I won’t spend much any time introducing the degenerates who will be taking time away from their loitering at the local Build-a-Bear or cruising the area cafeterias at 4pm looking to pick up a little GILF to humbly post here. You’ll get to know them soon enough. We'll have some semi-regular features, such as The Down and Distant Weekly Steamer and the Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful award and so on. (And by 'so on,' I mean I'm tapped out and hope that my boys can come up with some gold.)

What better way to start off this desparate cry for help sports-o-tainment blog than a clip from an upcoming ice skating movie. It’s a Will Ferrell joint. Think Zoolander meats Ricky Bobby, then add John Heder, fancy outfits and skates. Are you feelin’ it? I’m all in.


(HT: With Leather – I love/hate you for your genius)

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