Friday, February 23, 2007


Down and Distant is sad to report that The University of Illinois has succumbed to the dogmatic NCAA and will officially retire Chief Illiniwek after 81 years. The Chief's last dance was last night during halftime of the Illini's 54-42 win over Michigan. The tasteful and honorable (my words) symbol of the University of Illinois has been deemed offensive to some.


It's not like other teams were bribing the Illini with liquor and guns to forfeit athletic contests. It is this blogger's opinion that the NCAA forcing Illinois' hand is symbolic of a larger problem that exists in our country today. Seems to me that people think they have a right to not be offended. Think about that for a minute.

Is that the case? Do we have a right to not be offended? I say no - not so long as we believe in free speech, the slipperiest of slopes. For example, each day in major metropolitan areas, trucks with pictures of aborted fetuses drive around trying to draw attention to the pro-life message of its sponsor. Am I offended by this? Yes. Do I think they have a right to do that. Yes. Is it done in poor taste? Of course, but free speech has nothing to do with good taste.

Trying to eliminate everything that is offensive to some is an exercise in futility and a waste of time - and, in my opinion, just another reason why America loses it's edge a little more each day. Wasting time and energy blaming others and complaining about every message we don't like.
So to those who would take away a university's right to have a dancing and prancing Indian Chief, I say SUCK IT - SAVE THE CHIEF!!


The Penalty Kill said...

I'm offended that you said "Suck it." I'm also offended that I just said "suck it" in telling you that I said "suck it" Shit, I said it again, oh fuck, I just said Shit. and Fuck. Oh hell. Kill me.

poon81 said...

That offended me. I am so offended....(crowd: how offended are you!) I am so offended, Jesse Jackson said I was being irrational. (Fat silver haired man on my couch for some reason yelling HI-OHHHHHHH!!!)

Mascot hatah said...

Now that we've taken down Illinois, we go after the Purdue. Their "Boilermaker" mascot is an affront to all butchy, closeted metal workers everywhere. Oh Snap, bitches, snap.