Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Viva la Guacamole Farts

Yes, I was drunk last night a-holes. I am past that today and in my greatly decreasing chance of staying sober for one fucking night rolls along I must say I LOVE THE ALMA AWARDS! For those of you who hate Mexicans (Baker), the ALMA Awards celebrate......well something that has to do with Mexicans. So far I know who I'm really surprised with the upsets.

"Best Bean Dip" - Antonio Banderas
Didn't know that he was the brown equivalent of Paul Newman.

"Tastiest Taco" - Jessica Alba
Did she really beat out everyone from Menudo?

"The Dos Equis Suck it Award" - Everyone from Menudo
There we go.

"The Ricky Martin Award" - Enrique Iglesias
Well I don't get that at all.

"The Taco Bell at 3am Award" - Shakira
Took me a while too. Because of how your ass shakes the next morning. Get it....oh for god's sake come on.....diarrhea. Jesus I have to spell this shit out.

Just when I thought that the night couldn't get any better, all of the dirty Mexicans started shooting their six-shooters in the air and yelling "ARRRIBAA!!" After that, the final award of the night was given out

"We Love Pablo Escobar 2007 Award" - The Cincinnati Bengals

That's when I stood up crying my eyes out as they did a remote from the Cincinnati jail. BRAAAVOOOO SPICS.......BRRAAAAAVVVOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Viva la Poon


Turd Ferguson said...

I would have had to say "Shits" or "Taco Bell Trots" cuz I cant spell Diarrhea.

The Penalty Kill said...

I missed the show. Damn it. I really wanted to see who won the Poncho Villa Mustache award. Oh Please say Penelope Cruz. Please.

Anonymous said...

wow. I'm speechless. I was going to write something pithy about hating the Mexican.

But I kid you not. When I started this comment, I noticed that I had to type in a "word verification" when finished to post.

The word: mexoreema. Go figure. I will use that word forever.

Now I have to type that word in.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand the picture. anyone explain?

The Penalty Kill said...
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The Penalty Kill said...

The sign in the picture says "Mudchute" which is what Poon's ass is after mexican food.

PooN'ZiLLa said...

There needs to be an immediate recount on "The Taco Bell at 3am Award." I am almost certain the award should have gone to 25% Mexican Poon.

poon4life said...

I agree 'zilla. The funny thing is that I had more votes than anyone, but I only got credit for 25% of them because I'm only a quarter spic. That is also why when I do go to TB at 3am I only order 25% of the menu instead of the whole thing.

PK said...

9 comments. It's a record. And to think it took bagging on Mexicans to do it.

PooN'ZiLLa said...

duplique los comentarios del dígito que joden, usted ha llegado en el mundo del blogging. If your Mexican't ass can read this, congrats! I need a beer.

poon4life said...

11 comments now. Im just padding stats. 'zilla might be my new person I hate the most. You might even be lucky enough to get into one of my posts soon. coma la mierda y muera a pirata del extremo

poon4life said...

Just FYI, this is what 'zilla said in English.

duplicate the commentaries of the digit that joden, you you have arrived in the world from blogging