Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"in triumph doth wave"

On the eve of Flag Day it’s time to turn our eyes and hearts to what’s really important. Let’s put our hands over our hearts and remember that it’s only 76 days until the kick-off of Ohio State football. I know. Holy Shit. That’s barely a red coochie hair over 2 months.

I saw St. Tressel on the tube last night sitting next to Jim Brown at the Cavs wake. It made me so horny for football. Pretty soon we’ll have NFL training camps starting, which will at least give us something. Kinda like giving a jonesing cocaine freak a Mountain Dew, but it’s something. Then we get the full slate of NCAA football at the end of August.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect here at DaD during the football season.
There’s this little college football quickie about Meatchickin State's new uniforms. I didn’t see any mention in the story about the wide yellow stripe sewn in the back of the jerseys. ZING. ZOWIE. (ED: We hope you smart, savvy and sexy readers will keep reading Down and Distant anyway.)

I’m heading out right now to see if Street and Smiths College Preview is out yet.

Blue 32, Blue 32, PK Out.


Anonymous said...

Last night, just before busting one off, I snorted some Mountain Dew. It was better than I thought it would be.

PK said...

Agreed. It's just hard to keep in neat little lines.

poon4life said...

I love how the link to DandD takes you to DandD. I read this twice and it kept sending me to the same page I was on. Is that picture straight? I need to lay off the coke.

Anonymous said...

This column passes the dipstick test for freshness.....

Buckeye Savant said...

Bl*e 32? WTF - I thought we agreed not to use that "b" word in any context other than referring to someone's testicles!? And by "someone's" I mean "not mine!")

War Scarlet & Gray!