Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pete Rose's Sister Just Gave Me Shit

Late? Yes. At the bar? Yes. Drunk? Yes. Have a life? No. Well, I'm drunk here at the local bar and while I was sending out a small update to some of my fellow workers, I was heckled. Yes, heckled. For fuck's sake I'm trying to get a little fucking work done. By whom do you ask? Pete Rose's sister. Believe it or not it was. In all honesty, we were inseperable. Was there a moment? I think so. She breathed heavily on my neck while she badgered me about "why the fuck are you working" and shit like that. Really, I can't help it that some people have jobs you dirt leg skank. I wouldn't mind kicking her straight in the puss. Right now I am getting the waitress here to get me a good picture of her dancing in her drunk state in front of nobody. Yeah bitch. I have the upper hand here. I have pull and I hope that the next time your raspy ass voice doesn't ever talk to me again. If you do then I will seriously drop kick your 74 year old mother from Planes, Trains and Automobile looking ass through a wall. Well Take this bitch.
Nice if anyone would notice.

*UPDATE: Yeah, I hit it.


PK said...

Friends don't let friends blog drunk.

Nice work. Dan Rather didn't do that quality of work field reporting from Nam.

poon4life said...

Just in case you were wondering.....still drunk.

buckeye savant said...

Nice reporting. At least she didn't punch you in the face, call you Kenneth, and ask "what's the frequency?"