Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NFL to Down and Distant: Who Are You Again?

As the NFL lockout continues to drag on and more people are finding that baseball is worse than an ass kicking from this guy, we at D&D struggle to make it through these hard times. Not only with content, but with our sanity. Nothing can be closer to a kick in the 'ol sand bags than telling a "sports blog" that really only knows football that they have the possibility of having no material for the next 12 months. Thanks a lot Bin Laden. Content is slow, but coming sooner than later.

With that said, hold steadfast and don't bail on us just yet. New Twitter feed is up, Facebook page is....well Facebooky. Hell we may even put ads on here so you can pay for our website hosting. Lord knows you don't give us the emotional support we need.

Keep the dream alive.


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