Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cowboys #9... er... yeah, #9 Pick

Clearly the best pick of the draft! This fills EVERY need the Cowboys EVER had in the history of the franchise.

Name: Tyron Smith/ OT
School: USC

Skill Set: This guy clearly has better/faster hands than I do and can hit infinately harder. He runs the 40 faster than your average twenty-something and would likely anchor your team in your 4th of July back yard tug-o-war contest. Clearly better than 99% of the population of the United States at American Football, he now can say he makes more money than them, as well.

In the room: Will be shy at first, not wanting to shower in front of the professional boys. Gentle handling in the shower will bring him out of his shell. Other than that, should be a good room guy, unless he isn't.

General IQ: This guy is the smartest around when singing selections from Gerardos 1991 hit album "Mo Ritmo" by himself into a hairbrush alone in his bedroom room wearing nothing but a pair of tejano style cowboy boots.

Going at #9 in the draft suits him well. So well, in fact, that I expect him to wear that number next season, if it isn't taken.

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poon4life said...

That is an absolutely ridiculous Mo Ritmo reference. Well played.