Thursday, April 28, 2011

Redskins #10....Wait, They Did What?

Round: 1

Pick: 10 oh yeah, 16 because we don’t need a single person now do we?

SON OF A WHORE!!!! Yes, you read it right. The heralded LB Ryan Kerrigan is a son of a whore. Growing up to a family that adopted him in Taiwan, he struggled through life. His mother was constantly scrutinized for her son’s fascination with beating the hell out of his fellow town members. Thinking that this meant he was some sort of demonic being, his mother was whored out for trade. In 1993 while riding the captain of the pirate ship “Barnacle Scrubber 3”, one of the deck hands Tweeted Dan Snyder that he needed to come to Tijuana to see this kid when they docked. While knee deep in cocaine and hookers, Dan agreed that this kid was the most amazing athlete that he had ever seen. He took down the bouncers with ease and even killed a donkey on stage just so that he could show the crowd how it was really done.

Skill Set: While at the draft, NASA developed a new device on which to tell time because he was constantly finishing the 40 yard dash before the timekeepers could click the stopwatch. During the bench press he asked that they move the drill outside so that he could hook up the water towers to the end of the bar. Simply said, by far the best pick in the draft.

IQ: At first he was considered a risky pick because of his low score on the Wonderlic test. When he was informed of this, he drove to the Wonderlic headquarters to review the test. Once he was able to explain his answers, the Wonderlic Company immediately shut their doors and he developed his own company with the same name to preserve the integrity of the game. He proved to them that every question they had was given an incorrect answer. In short….he’s perfect.

Overall – He is a model citizen, best that the game has ever seen at his position, has already been contacted by the Pro Football Hall of Fame……make your own conclusion. Mine is easy. Getting his face tattooed on my face as we speak.

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