Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ESPN, Hello Kitty and a Failed Howey Mandel Game Show....

What do these things have in common? I despise them all. I'm sorry Hello Kitty, but you have run your course as my sheets, towels and pillow cases and we shall have to part now. The last substantial thing that Howie did was that show where he made a world with this kid named Bobby and he was Bobby's voice doing crazy things in his own world. I think it was called "Shitty Kid Show for Kids that Can't Afford to Watch Wild and Crazy Kids on Nickelodeon". Thanks mom.

The first thing on this post should catch you off guard. I have found myself watching less and less ESPN over the past few months. Could it be because football season is over? Yes, but that would be a really short fucking post now wouldn't it? What is taking it's place you may ask? Sitcoms. Fucking sitcoms. And I'm not talking about the ones that are fads that everyone watches like the new John Ritter one, but the good ones. Underrated ones. Netflix recently added numerous old sitcoms to their lineup like Cheers which can keep me entertained at least for a while. What has really helped me through this transition is Arrested Development. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. You will not be disappointed.

I know you are thinking "wow. Poon is about to lay something good on me and I will be sold on this show faster than Robinson gives up on learning to tie his shoelaces.". Welp you're wrong bitch. Watch AD and thank me later.

What really turns me off of ESPN is the complete lack of effort now days. I had to hear about the Carmelo Anthony trade for the better part of an hour last night. Yes that is par for the course due to the high profile teams and players, but did they really have to beat it into my head that they had to interrupt Jalen Rose's dinner at Applebees to get his input? Who gives a shit? Do I care how much foot pounds of pressure Ray Lewis hits with? No. I want to know more about how he murdered someone and didn't even get a fine! Dude he seriously killed someone.

Bring back Olberman and Patrick and we will talk. Until then keep your Red Sox/Yankees bias. Keep your LeBron James bias. Keep your NFC East bias. Keep your........aw who the fuck cares about hockey.


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PK said...

Poon felt so strongly about this that he tagged it with his address. Ima gonna pass this on to my stalker group.

I'm one of those who hasn't enjoyed AD. I will.

The Pickled Mick said...

Now I know where to send my hate mail.