Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekends are Fun

In keeping with the time honored tradition of “The Insert the Blog Name Here Photo contest we’re having our own. Actually, this was started back when Savant and Pork Chop worked together at the Ann Arbor Daily Shopper Picayune Gazette. That feature didn’t last long as they only had one camera and the back was stuck so they couldn’t get the film out.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Pretty simple. We put up a photo and over the weekend you get to create a funny little caption. Actually just put anything down. Seriously. We all know that Poon is the keeper of the Funny and we are merely ass-sniffers compared to him but everyone plays here.


We'll get you started.

"Are we too late for dime dog night?"



Ok, your turn.

Up next from d&d...."You write it!"

PK out


PK said...

Complete annihilation of the human race was a little farther than Bill Veeck was thinking this gimmick would go. Should’ve stuck with the midget.

Chief Wahoo said...

OK - everyone in Section 124, see if you can guess where Zeldark is going to jam his new bat!