Wednesday, March 12, 2008


OK - we've all been there…you reach a point where you're either in the midst of a desperate dry-spell -or- you're sick of banging the one you're with -or- you need some anal action or role-playing involving a Jim Tressel mask and a pair of oven mitts… think maybe hiring a hooker would be a good idea. down and distant understands your plight. We have all been there before (and by "we" I mean "Pork Chop U" - the rest of just whack-off), but, seriously, what in the hell was New York Governor Eliot Spitzer thinking!! If - and I mean IF - we were going to spend cash on some tail, I'm not sure anyone at d&d would agree to upwards of $1,000 an hour. It has been reported that Spitzer spent upwards of $80,000 on hookers during the last several years. $80 LARGE are you kidding me??

(editorial interruption)

PK: Savant, you need to see this before you make plans for this weekend!

Savant: Dude, I am busy composing a new post. What's so damn important that I have to see before….HOLY SHIT!

(back to the post)

So as I was saying, women with style and grace need to be treated as such and I have heard good things about The Emperor's Club. Take Maya, for example. Clearly the time of someone with an electrifying presence can't be had for a mere high three figures! I think Spitzer was on to something after all...

I wonder what airfare to L.A. is going for today? Mental note: better rub-out that easy one first.

War hot hookers!

Savant Out.

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PK said...

Can I still bring my Tressel mask and oven mitts? Can. I?

Deal breaker.