Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Something happened at AT&T Park last night

ATT Park -- the scene of the crime
I know it’s controversial and polarizing. It may also be racially dividing. It’s a topic that has battle lines drawn between baseball fans young and old. Something happened last night in the City by The Bay. We don’t usually shy away from controversial topics at Down and Distant so it’s no wonder that we are going to tackle this one.

For some reason I found myself watching the telecast of the Nationals and Giants game from AT&T Park. That’s when it happened. It’s tough to talk about but here goes. They have a woman PA announcer there. I know! Can you believe it? First Title IX, then Pam Ward in the D-1 college TV booth, now a skirt at a ball park. Oh the horror. She was really belting it out, so it would have been tough to miss her over-announce-screaming the names of Giants as they approached the plate.
The fake Condi Rice, Renel Brooks-Moon Giants announcer.

Maybe baseball should put an asterisk next to Giants home wins. Too harsh? I’m not so sure.

PK. Out.

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poon4life said...

I turned over there just when they started shooting off fireworks so I think that her balls may have just dropped and that's what the celebration was about. I think Hank Aaron even congratulated her on the nice new coin purse.