Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Who hasn't wanted to see this?

I thought I’d take a break from my nonstop high-stress underpaid job hung-over idling while Googling trannies in school girl outfits to throw a little Down and Distant love at you. Last night was the Midsummer Classic – MLB All-Star Game. Yawn. I know it’s regarded as the best all-star game of any professional sport, but what is signifies to me is three days of no sports. The Dearth Days Of Summer. It makes me want to drink. Oh wait, what doesn’t? Anyway, I watched the player introductions and the National Anthem and then changed the channel before I felt the need to jam an ice pick in my temple to relieve the boredom. Speaking of the Anthem, Chris Isaak should have sung with this guy instead of the back up guy he used last night. He’s better and gets the crowd way more into it.

Leave some comments on the All-Star game if you have any, or on School Girl Trannies for that matter.

Tomorrow we take a look at the keyword searches that bring people to Down and Distant. Stay tuned.

PK out


Anonymous said...

Screw you Ass Hat. Chris Isaak is a genius. To compare him and/or anyone in his band to a Special Ed. kid is fucking stupid. Get a grip

Anonymous said...

"We're going to Texas. We're going to Texas."

PK said...

@anon 11:49

Waaaaaah. Suck it.

@anon 12:49

Jennifer Holloway? Is that you???

Buckeye Savant said...

"I did it all for the Wookie, the Wookie..."

poon4life said...

I'm not dead yet motherfuckers. Me likey me some tards and I will go out on a limb and say that this video is the most crowd contribution for any national anthem in history. Unless you count the yawns when Aaron Neville sings his 47 minute version of it.
Oh, 11:49.........suck it

I'm glad that we don't have feelings for our readers now days. What a wicked game we play.

11:49, you're welcome for the Chris Isaak reference.