Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drama my ass

Do you watch Entourage? I like it, my wife hates it, so that probably means it’s good. Hey, she’s still bitching at me for being a Neanderthal because I don’t want to watch The Age of Innocence. OK, so it’s a Martin Scorcese piece. So what? Two hours of boredom and no fucking or fighting. Great.

So, in Entourage, asshole Johnny Drama hooks up with a woman he wanted to bang 20 years ago and she brings along her friend for Turtle. The friend is supposed to give the best rim job in Los Angeles . But she’s fat and looks like a guy dressed up like a chick. Long story short, the good looking chick pulls a switch at the end and fucks Turtle, leaving Drama to his fate of rim jobbery. His face looks so sad as he gets his salad tossed.

My point is, if some chick gives you a rim job and jacks you off at the same time, that’s gay. What’s the difference if a chick does it or a guy? You’re getting your asshole licked while you get a reach around. If you don’t get some pussy afterward (and who would want to fuck that fat chick?), you might as well take the skin bus to poop town.


PK said...

So if a girl goes all lingual on my balloon knot, that's gay? I might have to disagree with that. Now if you are pretending that she's Boy George, Lance Bass or Peyton Manning that's ghey fo sho.

poon4life said...

Well if it isn't Postie McPosterton! Welcome to the party.
Just so I'm clear on this topic....animals don't count, right?

Anonymous said...

Stop hating on Drama. He is the man. I just bought a Viking Quest and Victory shirt online that I have not seen anywhere before. Check it out for yourself.