Sunday, February 26, 2012

NBA All Star Saturday Night

First of all, I do not apologize for my posts last night. I cannot take back what beer makes me think and/or say. Deal with it.

Catching up on last nights NBA festivities on the DVR and I must say that this is the biggest load of shitcrap I have seen in a long time. Did you watch it? Of course you didn't because you are a smart American. I swear to baby black Jesus that the most exciting part of the night was the three point competition. Seriously.

I tuned in to the slam dunk competition in my youth to see Jordan and Wilkins go one-on-one in a battle to the death of slam dunk prowess. Now, it's all bits. Jump over a tall guy....jump over P. Diddy right after he yells black power and puts his fist in the air....turn the lights off and glow in the dark and dunk the ball. On top of that, they have new technology that shows how much "Dunking Power" each dunk generates. This I assume is in response to SportsScience on ESPN that noone also cares about. Whatever. Where did the excitement go NBA?

The reason I didn't put the names of the slam dunk contestants is because they are all no namers. The NBA has to be disappointed in this. Shortened season and ratings in the toilet from what I understand would make you believe that they are doing everything possible to bring back the fans that they lost.


It truly makes me sad to see the All Star festivities diminish to what they have now become. The youth of America will never see what grew up with and therefore will never really appreciate the competitiveness and honor of the NBA All Star Game.

The only good thing I have to report is that the event went over time so I didn't get the very end of the competition and I don't care enough to go online to see who won.

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