Saturday, October 16, 2010

Put The Gun Down

Stop it. Not kidding. Stop it. It's not over.
I can't tell you how many calls I've had tonight from my d-bag friends saying that the season is over. Are you serious? Have you not realized yet that college football is the most exciting sport in this God forsaken world for a reason? Did you spend the entire 2007 season tattooing "jackpot!" on your taint?

The thing that we all must realize is that nothing fucking matters right now. This is a long season and I know that we have some bullshit teams that are gong to run the board but we have to stay eagerly waiting for the next upset to happen. It. Will. Happen.

Is it going to be another number 1? Maybe not, but a top 5 I guarantee. Mark it. That is the beauty of college football and the reason that we stay glued to the tv each week even through games we could personally give two shits about. For the upsets.

Am I sad? Abso-fucking-lutely you soulless Nazi Hitler. But stay strong and the promised land will arrive sooner than you think.

Also on a related note, I despise Boise State. I would rather jerk off Lenny Kravitz with my asshole than watch you in another bowl game? Take your Statue of Liberty play and shove it up your big blue ass!

Also do yourself a favor and read this.


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PK said...

DAMMIT! Now we just roll everyone, F