Thursday, June 10, 2010

Couch to 5k

Since apparently we aren't using this space for anything else, I am going to take you through my trek to complete a personal goal of mine. Running a 5k.
So it may not be a marathon but for my fat drinking ass, it's a start so don't you look down your nose at me. Dick.

What started this? Glad you asked. I recently went through a breakup with Ms. Poon that I took (and still taking) harder than I let on. I have been very lucky that I have some of the best people in my life that I could hope for. The last time I had a breakup I decided to drink through it and hope it went away. Well I did and that whore ended up having a kid with my ex best friend. Funny....she always wanted me to finish in hole #2. Point Poon.....holding serve.

Anyways this time I wanted to do something with my life so I decided to get my shit together. Eating decent, working out and maybe doing a little good for humanity while I'm at it. That's where the 5k comes in.

The 5k I am running in 6 weeks will donate it's proceeds to a children's charity. On top of that have made the effort to make those fuckers that laugh at me for doing this pay by betting me that I will not finish. So far I have two $20 bets. I would love nothing more than to drink this away, however, I am going to donate the money I raise from you all to charity. More than likely a children's charity of some sort.

I want to keep this blog up to date on my progress and the outcome. Yes I will throw some funny in here so it's not a blog that reads like My Sister's Keeper. Although it may have some children in it at some point. Like you don't think about it.

So far the training began tonight with running(ish) a mile and walking a mile. Legs are a little shaky but holding strong. Need to work on lung capacity for sure.

Stay tuned and if you want to donate leave a comment or email me.



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