Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad News

Hey there little one. Want to hear a story? Well tough shit you're going to hear it anyways. I have bad news for everyone. I'm fatter than I thought. 261. Must have read the scale wrong Friday. Either way had a good workout. 2.71 miles on the machine in 31 minutes. If I was just guessing I'm going to finish this 5k in a little less than 1.6 hours. I mean Jesus.

Going to get back to actual running tomorrow as I really think that is going to be better for me overall. Getting pretty excited for this thing. I have a couple of people on board for the donations so thank you all.

Enough with the bullshit. Let's talk football. So as of tonight it looks like the Big12 will become the Big10 and the Big10 will become the Big12 while the Pac10 continues to be the cock stain in my tightie-whities. All of this fuss for nothing. I'm kind of disappointed honestly. When all of the dust settles we will have a spare Big12 network that will do nothing but prevent us from getting closer to a playoff. Fuck off you burnt orange dicks. You just keep on beating everyone in the conference (sans Oklahoma every other year) and coast through your easy out of conference schedule to mediocre your way to a BCS game. I pray to Betty White that tOSU whips the orangutan feces off your faces.

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