Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Click the Second "Play" Icon and Enjoy....

hermaphrodite rebate
monkey pumpkin
AIDS uterus
horse seven-iron
pumpkin scrotum
billygoat tophat
scrotum deliverance
Danish handpuppet
ant three-pointer
bird switchblade
I’m a hot chick
super glue my penis
kangaroo seven iron
Hispanic elements
gay lizard
electric monkeypox
gay for people of my own opposite sex
placenta facial
buffalo printer
gay and pregnant
neti pot
concrete tasty chicken
cat breath
billygoat instigator
crossstich parakeet
Jesus GPS
donkey machete
bisexual george

1 comment:

Doyle said...

There are a lot of great band names in your post!

By the way, I think Poon is a good band is Please Don't Eat My Band-Aid.