Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Conventional wisdom says the mullet ain't cool. Fair enough.

We at down and distant, however, have never been about wisdom - whether conventional or otherwise - so we're inclined to endorse the mullet as the next big thing. Why? Because the wearing of a mullet indicates a superior confidence that money just can't buy (well, money other than the $7.99 + tip needed to score a "Tennessee Top Hat"). I mean, if you have balls enough to sport the mullet these days, you're tacitly telling people that you couldn't care less about fashion and you have bigger and better things to do with your time like, for instance, Fantasy NASCAR (for all guys and some lesbians) -or- Traveling All-Girls Softball (for all lesbians…and some guys).
Here are two of the finest mullets that d&d staffers photographed on a recent staff outing, I mean trip (phew - sorry Hairy, that was close) in Columbus.

This first genius even took the time to both curl and bleach the backside. He's twice the man I am - given the fact that I have only managed to bleach my backside. Meanwhile, Dude #2 also flaunts his pork chop side-burns as a sign of non-conformity. Classic confidence. We should all be so lucky.

So add the mullet to THE list of "what's now" for 2008. You'll thank us later (and maybe end-up on a competitor's website).

War Kentucky Compromise!
Savant Out.

(ed. note: In no other sport except the aforementioned Softball is the mullet as prominent amoung the players than hockey. Players, commentators like Barry Melrose and fans....Please enjoy this fan. He doesn't really know the words or how to dance or how to stand up really, but a Mullet he has. -PK)

(HT: With Leather)

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