Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's Official: M*chigan Really Sucks!

OK - so we're a couple days late with this post, but give us a break. d & d went on a 3-day bender/road trip to buy Appalachian State shirts. Although we were unable to secure sponsorship rights, we think you ought to buy one: HERE

(ED: it's BOONE, North Carolina - which is just a couple letters away from being an outstanding town name.)

We at d & d feel somewhat validated by Appalachian State's victory (yes - FOOTBALL victory) over the M*chigan Wolverines. After all, we have always thought M*chigan sucked…just not THAT much. Jeesch.

You know it's probably karmic payback for all their superiority crap we've taken over the years. Furthermore, it's perfect justice for scUM loudmouth (and former Heisman contender) Mike Hart who guaranteed a rematch win after his team lost to their rival, THE Ohio State University last year. I wonder if Mike thinks his team could win a rematch against Appalachian State? I also wonder how long until LLLLLoyd Carr blames OSU for this loss?

Food for thought - can you imagine how badly the Mountaineers (that's Appalachian State's nickname - in case, like 97% of the county - but not Buckeye Savant- you didn't know) would have beaten Michigan on a neutral field?

Maybe this is a little harsh…I mean there is an upside for the scUMers: at least scUM found a way to make their program relevant again! Not every NCAA Division I program can participate in the greatest college football upset of ALL TIME. True 'dat!

Death, taxes, and M*chigan sucking…just a few of the universal truths.

Savant Out - going to have some iced tea, sweetened with the sweetest substance known to Little Baby Jesus......LLLLLOYD Carr tears.


Mike Hart said...

Oh yeah - well I GUARANTEE down and distant sucks!

poon4life said...

Michael.....that was uncalled for. I guarantee that Douchigan still blows harder that Pork Chop's butt water in a cat hospital.