Friday, October 12, 2007

Road Trip Checklist

I'm not exactly sure if I'm supposed to post this for Savant or not. He wasn't specific so I thought I'd be err on the side of caution and get it up here. Sounds like he's got all the makings for a pretty nice weekend.

Ok, just about to head out of town for a Music Festival. I need to make sure I've got everything for an enjoyable trip.

First, Red See-through Teddy. Check.

Super Terrific Hi-tech Holographic Porn Goggles.

Check Breast Pumps. Checkerino

Headset. Yep

Joy Stick. Check and Check (wink, wink)

and ergonomically designed mouse. Checkity Check.

Ok, I'm ready for the Second annual Buckeye Savant-Super-Duper-Excellent-Music-Road-Trip. One-hundred mile rule activated. See you in Hell Bitches.


Savant's Mother said...

Wow - what an a**hole!

Why couldn't he be more like PK. I mean they're both gay, but at least PK doesn't flaunt it on the world-wide web.

I blame myself.

PK said...

Dear Sainted Mother of Savant. Get off the fucking internet! What are you thinking? This place is fraught with danger. Your son should have told you that...among other things.

Indybuckeye said...

Got dam Buckeyes have been #1 for almost 24 hours now and nothing. Nice Blog. Get off your asses.