Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why Are You Reading This?

Seriously. It's Christmas Day, there is finally basketball on and you should be at least half drunk at this point. I am, but only from remnants of last nights ordeal with Mr. and Ms. PK as I am at the house of the Christian portion of my family. Joy. My only goal is to be able to post this without using the work fuck since it is Christmas.........well shit. That doesn't count.

Those of you that know me (ME not know that it has been a trying year overall and I look forward to what 2012 brings. This particular time of year is a little more difficult than I had planned, but I have such an amazing supporting cast in this that it makes it more than bearable. Over the past 18 hours or so I saw and heard many things I didn't plan on hearing this year. From a church full of people that said in chorus "ass" to a discussion about if I still believed in Santa. SPOILER ALERT!!!! I do. Not necessarily the fat man that repels down my chimney causing damage that will for sure lower the value of my house, but the spirit. PK shared his habit of randomly paying for someone's coffee at Starbuck's from time to time (probably the best looking guy he can find. zing.) and that a few years ago he was driving through to get his coffee and it was already paid for. That kind of shit. You don't ask Santa to cure your cancer or murder Aaron Rodgers so you can win your fantasy league (unless he wants to. just saying) you ask for nothing and you realize when you get even the smallest things. That's Santa.

Christmas is a time for joy, being with family, eating bad food and drinking to forget how much debt you just went in so your child can play in a cardboard box of the $600 car you bought. If you know me, you know that I can be somewhat of an emotional person. I see someone cry, I get choked up. Seeing a friend of mine cry this morning after getting a well deserved present almost made me lose it. The only thing that kept me from balling was the fact that PK would have called me a pussy for the rest of my life. That's the shit that Christmas is for.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, make the best of today. Do something that someone doesn't expect or maybe even deserve. I'm giving my grandmother an upper decker. You're welcome. This for sure isn't the best post on here, but who are you to judge? I mean we post every few months so enjoy it while you can.

Merry Christmas



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PK said...

What happened to the normal formatting of this thing? Did Santa fuck it up?

Merry Christmas Poon.