Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still Going.......

Good morrow taint smashers. Wonder if I have been keeping to my promise of the 5k? First, do you not have anything better to do than think about this? Tool. Second yes I am. Still going strong. And by strong I mean this blows more than Lloyd Carr at a Shriners Convention. Don't ask how I know. Just don't.

Lost a little weight and feeling better about myself but still far from where I wanted to be. We are a week away and I really am a bit disappointed where I am. Either way it will be good experience for the next one. I plan on doing this regularly. Kind of fun really.

Since you mother lickers have had to read the most boring crap ever during this, I have included the highlights from the ESPYs tonight. January Jones. You're f-ing welcome.

Poon Draper

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PK said...

I'm going to inform Mrs. PK that January Jones is my new number 1 out. Megan Fox is now #2.....#2, giggle.